What do I need to do?

Here are the answers to some questions that insiders frequently ask. Visit the knowledge base for more in depth information.

You can’t sell in a close period and if you want to sell at any other time, you must always obtain clearance from Company Secretariat first. The same rules apply for buying shares.

Yes, so long as we're not in a close period and you have first received clearance from Company Secretariat. You then have one working day to buy and sell shares in Stitch or exercise share options or awards before you need to request clearance again.

Usually being a Stitch insider only affects buying and selling shares in Stitch and you can trade freely in the shares of other companies. However, you may have access to non-public information that could affect the share price of one or more other companies. If so, you must not deal in the shares of those other companies either. If in doubt, contact Company Secretariat for guidance.