Requesting clearance

Requesting clearance is really simple and you can do it online, at any time, using any of your devices. All you need to do is click here to login to make a clearance request.

You should have already received an email with your login details. The first time you login you’ll be required to reset your password.

Once you're logged in, the home screen explains the request process and shows you a table of your request history.

Click Request clearance in the menu to submit your request. Just tell us what you want to do by filling in the form. Use the help button if you need more information. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, just click Reset and start again. 

When you’re finished, click Save to review your choices and check the details are correct. Then click the box to confirm you don’t have any inside information and submit your request.

Your request will now be added to the table on the home screen and you can track its progress from here. You’ll also receive email alerts when the status of your request changes. Typically your request will be reviewed and approved or declined within one working day. If your request is approved, you will have one working day to complete your trade before your clearance expires. 

Each request is colour coded to show its current status and you can click on a heading to see more detailed information about a request.

Colour Status Description
Yellow Pending You have placed a request and Company Secretariat haven't responded.
Green Accepted Your request has been approved by Company Secretariat.
Red Declined Your request for clearance was declined.
Grey Lapsed If Company Secretariat don’t respond to your request within one working day, it will be marked as lapsed and you’ll need to resubmit your request.
Grey Expired Your clearance request was approved and your time to trade has expired. If you didn’t trade during this period you will need to submit a new request. If you went ahead with your trade, you can mark it as actioned.
Blue Actioned Once you’ve used your clearance to trade you can come back and mark that request as actioned. While you don’t have to do this, it will give you a complete picture for your records.