Manage inside information

Once the inside information is confirmed, you need to make sure that everyone on your list knows how to handle the information. They must understand that it should only be shared with other people on the list.

You should make sure they know about this website, as it has all the information they need, and ensure they follow these simple rules:

  • Always use passwords and encryption to protect inside information when it’s being sent by email, particularly if it’s being sent to a third party.
  • Don’t leave documents containing inside information on the printer or photocopier.
  • Don’t leave anything visible on your desk during the day and lock it away while you’re in meetings and overnight.
  • Take care when discussing inside information in open offices, at third party premises or in public spaces.
  • The only members of staff authorised to talk to the media are those in Investor Relations. No other member of staff should talk to. See the Stitch Disclosure Policy for more information. 
  • Let Company Secretariat know if you intend to take on a new external adviser who may have access to inside information. Company Secretariat will provide you with sample wording to include in any engagement letter with the advisor. Don’t send any inside information to them until you receive permission from Company Secretariat.