Insider Dealing

Insider Dealing is when you use inside information to help you decide whether to buy or sell shares in our company.

It's illegal and the consequences may be large fines and prison sentences.

Tipping Off is where you share inside information with other people and is also a very serious offence. The penalties can be just as severe as those for insider dealing. That can be the case even if you don't directly profit and never intended for the recipient to trade on that information.

The aim of insider dealing legislation is to create a level playing field on the stock market so that everyone who is buying or selling shares has access to the same information.

So it's essential that you fully understand your responsibilities and who you can talk freely with. You should only discuss inside information with other insiders. While you are on an Insider List, you can use our app to see who else is on the list. Company Secretariat can also provide this information.

This 10 minute video further explains insider dealing.

Read through the What do I need to do? guide to find out what action you need to take when you want to buy or sell Stitch shares.