Identify inside information

The following three questions are designed to help you quickly assess whether a piece of information may be considered to be inside information. If you answer yes to all three of these, you need to tell Company Secretariat immediately.

1. Is the information precise?

Does it concern something that has happened or you expect probably will happen? Is it specific enough that someone could work out what effect it might have on our share price?

2. Is the information generally unavailable?

Information is considered generally available if it’s known outside the company. For example, is it available on the exchanges where Stitch shares are traded, could you find it by doing research or analysis of Stitch's business or by simply searching on the internet?

3. Is the information price sensitive?

Would the information encourage you to buy or sell Stitch shares because you believe the share price will change when the information is made public?

If you think you have information that might be classed as inside information you must let Company Secretariat know immediately. Email with a summary of the information and why you believe it is inside information.